When shipping something means everything.

Flare gives a new level of real-time data and visibility for key events during shipment transit, covering every country on the planet.

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Say goodbye to supply chain dark spots.

Flare brings unparalleled insight into your global freight shipments. Your team can track and analyze your shipments in real-time, ensuring that you always have up-to-date information on their location and condition. Say goodbye to costly delays and lost shipments - Flare has got you covered.

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Detect temperature changes

Temperature tracking is crucial for maintaining the quality of goods, compliance and logistics optimization. It prevents financial losses, penalties and reputational damage. It also enables businesses to address issues in real-time and ensure timely delivery of goods in good condition.

Detect humidity changes

Humidity tracking is crucial for maintaining the integrity and quality of goods that are sensitive to humidity levels such as packaged food, electronic devices, and certain chemicals. By monitoring and recording humidity levels during transport, businesses can ensure that the humidity is within the acceptable range and prevent spoilage, corrosion and malfunctions. 

Detect Co2 changes

CO2 tracking is crucial for maintaining the quality and safety of goods that are sensitive to CO2 levels such as fresh produce, certain chemicals, and certain types of packaged food. By monitoring and recording CO2 levels during transport, businesses can ensure that the CO2 level is within the acceptable range and prevent spoilage, decay, and potential health hazards. 

Detect Ethylene changes

Ethylene tracking is essential for maintaining the quality, safety and effectiveness of goods that are sensitive to ethylene levels such as fresh produce, flowers and certain types of packaged food. Levels that are too high or low can cause damage to these goods, rendering them unsafe or ineffective. By monitoring and recording the ethylene levels, businesses can ensure that the ethylene level is within the acceptable range and prevent damages. 

Detect light changes

Sense activity such as door open events.  This can indicate that the shipment has been tampered with or stolen, which can lead to financial losses for the business. Additionally, if a shipment is intended for medical or other sensitive applications, tampered goods could be unsafe to use and can be a potential hazard to public health or safety.

Detect drop events

Dropped shipments may be a symptom of a larger problem such as inadequate packaging or handling procedures. By tracking and identifying dropped shipments, companies can take steps to address these issues and improve their logistics processes.

Notify when goods have departed

Companies can use this information to communicate with their customers, vendors or partners about the status of the shipment and provide accurate delivery dates. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and maintain positive relationships with partners.

Notify when goods have arrived

With Flare you can plan and coordinate logistics operations more effectively. Knowing when a shipment has arrived at a port enables companies to schedule the next steps in the supply chain, such as customs clearance, warehousing, and transport to the final destination.

Tracking & location

Flare allows companies to track the progress of their shipments, adjust delivery schedules, and communicate with customers. It also enables real-time optimization of logistics operations, reducing risks and costs, and improving inventory management.

Carbon emissions data

Flare's carbon footprint reporting and emissions monitoring solution reveals where carbon emissions are concentrated in the supply chain. Clients can leverage the collected data when making key business decisions with regards to the supply chain; such as, how to reduce energy use and how to lower the carbon footprint of logistics operations.

Optimising your supply chain starts with data and tools from Flare.

Multimodal in-transit supply chain visibility enables our customers to understand what's happening across their extended supply chain. Our actionable insights help clients save money, optimize supply chains, assess performance, and identify bottlenecks.

Cargo condition monitoring to ensure product quality.

In order to guarantee quality assurance, maintain compliance, and optimize logistics performance, it is essential that the condition and quality of cargo be monitored. Using data from Flare allows you to streamline quality control processes, minimize product rejection and reduce operational costs.

Taking the right decisions for our planet requires real data.

Reporting and monitoring of carbon footprints and emissions in the supply chain is made easy with Flare. With the collected data, clients can make key business decisions about the supply chain, such as reducing energy use and lowering logistics' carbon footprint.

Supply chain clarity starts today.

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